Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Writing Tip Wednesday--Blogging

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In addition to using guest blogs for promoting releases, authors can build a following by Blogging on their own sites. A themed blog helps boost an author’s brand, expands social media exposure, and adds a different approach to marketing and promotion.

Some writers enjoy sharing their day-to-day experiences with readers or blogging about their writing processes. Others blog about themes they’ve incorporated into their stories, like knitting or gardening. Historical authors might choose to blog about clothing, food, and housing from a specific time period. Sci-fi writers may post articles on particle theory or space exploration. By taking advantage of this outlet, authors can potentially gain new readers and form discussion groups on topics related to their books.

When using pictures on blogs, be sure to purchase photographs and illustrations or post items from the public domain. As I’ve mentioned before, artists don’t appreciate piracy of their work any more than authors. If caught using pirated work, bloggers may receive takedown requests and may be sued for illegal use of a copyrighted image. Be aware of the consequences.

Authors can also incorporate their non-fiction work into blogs. Numerous writers offer posts on writing and publishing. Some focus on grammar and writing craft. Others address the world of social media and advise writers on self-publishing. Whatever the topic, have firsthand knowledge or thoroughly research to provide accurate information. Misinforming blog readers/followers can have a negative effect on the author’s reputation and sales.

Blogs are a great way of building relationships with fellow authors. Instead of focusing solely on marketing and promoting her own books, an author can help others gain exposure and create a supportive writer community. Host an author and possibly receive a reciprocal gesture in return.

Blogging isn’t for everyone. It belongs in the pick-and-choose realm with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and the rest of the social media options. Posting on a regular basis is vital to a successful blog. Choose to blog and do it well. Or choose alternate ways to expand visibility and do them well.

Mellanie Szereto
Romance...With A Kick!

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