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Author Spotlight + Giveaway--Mardi Maxwell

Welcome to Author Spotlights on Mondays! Mardi Maxwell is my guest this week and she's giving away lots of goodies, so be sure to comment! She has 3 copies of her latest book, Their Temporary Sub, and 5 prize packages containing a "Do You Rendezvous?" wrist band, a deck of heart-shaped cards with holder, and your choice of red or blue ATM holder/register up for grabs!

Here's a peek at her latest release:

Twins, Luc and Logan Ramsey, agreed to remain single until their thirty-second birthday. When they meet Cassie Edwards, Logan decides she’s the woman for them. Luc insists they stick to their plan and refuses to get involved with her. Cassie is being hunted by the men who killed her father eight years ago. She’s tempted by Logan, who pursues her at every turn, and intrigued by Luc who wants her but keeps his distance. When Luc and Logan discover she’s in danger, they decide to protect her. She wants them but can she be their temporary sub without endangering them?

Logan sorted through the weapons in the tote then read the labels on the two pill bottles he found and held them up. “Sleep medication and something for anxiety,” he said as he opened Cassie’s wallet and rifled through it then held up a card. “The doctor who prescribed the medication.”

“You take her. I’ll make the call,” Luc said.

“No. You suck at talking to people.” Logan pulled his cell phone from his wet jean pocket, frowned at it when he realized it was out of commission, then left the room.

Luc tightened his arms around Cassie and rocked her, all the while wondering how he had ended up with her, in tears and on his lap. He didn’t do this kind of thing and he was completely out of his element. Wishing Logan would hurry up and return, he nuzzled his chin against the top of her head. “It’s okay, pet. Logan will take care of you.”

He didn’t know if she heard him or not, but the crying seemed to be easing off. A few minutes later, after a couple sniffles and a few hiccups, he felt her body softening until she lay quietly in his arms, asleep. Feeling her shiver, he carefully laid her down and removed her wet clothes. Her feet had several small cuts and scrapes on them and he made a note to clean them and have the doctor check them out. Picking her up, he carried her to his room and gently laid her on his bed. He changed into dry clothes then decided Cassie would be scared if she woke up naked. He dressed her in one of his T-shirts, then smiled when he saw how it covered her to her knees. Standing by the bed, looking down at her, he thought, what the hell, and slid onto the bed and pulled her into his arms. He justified his actions to himself by deciding Logan would expect him to take care of her while he was busy calling her therapist.

A few minutes later Logan walked into the room, followed by Doc Roberts.

“How’s she doing?” Logan asked.

“Sleeping.” Luc stood up. “Wore herself out crying.”

Doc Roberts moved to the side of the bed. After checking Cassie’s pulse and heart rate, he used a small flashlight to examine her eyes then stepped back, rubbed his chin, and said, “Tell me again what the therapist said.”

“I told her what had happened, and all she said was she couldn’t discuss Cassie with me but that she needed to see her as soon as possible.”

“I’ll call her,” Doc Roberts said. “From what you’ve told me, it sounds like something you did triggered a panic attack. It’s best to let her sleep for a while.”

“Her feet have some cuts and scrapes on them,” Luc said.

Doc looked at Cassie’s feet while Logan got a tub of water and several washcloths and a towel. After Doc cleaned the shallow cuts and put ointment on them. “They’ll be okay.” He walked toward the door to the hallway. “I’ll be right back. I’m going to call Cassie’s therapist.”

Logan moved to the side of the bed, sat down, and held Cassie’s hand. “What the hell happened?”

Luc shook out the cashmere throw that he kept at the end of his bed and covered Cassie with it before sitting down on her other side. He picked up Cassie’s hand and ran his fingers over her wrist. “Limits. No restraints. I was holding her wrists.”

“I put the towel over her head to dry her hair.” Logan frowned. “She only plays in a club. Clubs have monitors. She feels safer there.”

“No. She doesn’t play there either.”

“She played with Thompson.”

Luc handed Logan his waterproof phone. “Call him.”

After a short conversation, Logan handed the phone back to Luc. “Thompson said as soon as he put a cuff on her she freaked out on him. He calmed her down then talked to her about getting some counseling with a friend of his.”

“Doctor Carson,” Luc said, saying the name on the pill bottles and business card.

“Yes.” Before Logan could say what was on his mind, Doc Roberts came back in the room.

“I can’t disclose what Cassie told Doctor Carson other than that Cassie hasn’t made any progress in her therapy sessions.”

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I’m a dreamer and a romantic. Like most writers I’m an avid reader, mostly erotic romance and zombie / end of world novels (love those zombies and EMPs). I began writing short stories in high school and then continued to write in university when I took several creative writing classes. It was then that I discovered how my love of research and writing meshed. I was born curious and writing gives me an excellent excuse to be a life time learner. I really enjoy researching an idea, creating an imaginary setting, populating it with wonderful characters and then telling their story.
Like most people, life keeps me busy with family and friends but I rarely go a day without writing, and I try to schedule an hour to read. In those rare moments when I’m not writing, like when I’m gardening, I’m thinking about the next scene in the book I’m currently working on or I’m plotting the next series I want to write.
The romances I enjoy the most have laughter, tears, hot lovers who overcome obstacles to be together, scorching hot sex scenes, and happy endings. And, of course, the only book I’ll read where one of the main characters dies is a vampire novel (where they get to come back for an eternal happy ending).
I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, gardening, traveling, and dreaming about my next book. I’m also hooked on several television shows and I love old black and white movies.


Mardi's offering some great prizes, so be sure to comment by midnight (EDT) on Wednesday for a chance to win!

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