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Author Spotlight + Giveaway--Julie Shelton

Welcome to Author Spotlights on Mondays! This week, my guest is Julie Shelton and she's giving us a peek at Loving Sarah, a BDSM menage, and her writing process. Be sure to comment for a chance to win one of two copies of this hot Siren book!

Eight years ago Jesse Colter fled his small town, leaving behind eighteen-year-old Sarah Marshall, broken-hearted and devastated. Now a retired Navy SEAL, he’s back and he wants only one thing—Sarah Marshall—preferably bound, naked, and on her knees before him.
She has never forgotten Jesse. He’s been the object of all her sexual fantasies since she was fifteen, as well as the star of nightly dreams that have become increasingly erotic over the years. So when he suddenly reappears in her life, she is torn. Can she trust him not to hurt her, or will he once again break her heart? Warily, she agrees to let him introduce her to his world—the world of bondage, Domination, and erotic slavery. When he also introduces her to his best friend, Adam Sinclair, Sarah faces a daunting future of sexual submission to two powerful alpha males.
But Sarah faces an even bigger challenge. Someone is stalking her. Is it the old enemy who’s just been released from prison? Or is it someone else from her past who is determined to destroy any chance she has at happiness? Can Adam’s and Jesse’s love protect her? Or will her world explode in a cataclysm of betrayal and violence that will destroy them all?

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Me: What inspired you to write your first book?
Julie: Nancy Drew. She inspired me to write my first book, which was, oddly enough, about a teenage girl detective and her two sidekicks. Total rip-off, but it made me realize I could do it. Then life intervened and I didn’t pick it up until many, many years later.

Me: Do you see writing as a career?
Julie: It is absolutely a career. My new, late-in-life career.

Me: This book is the first in a new series. Do you prefer to write single title or series? Why?
Julie: Loving Sarah is the first of three books. The sequel, Owning Sarah, follows immediately after the events of the first one. And my new book, Keeping Sarah, coming out some time this summer further carries on the adventures of Sarah Marshall and her two Doms. Their honeymoon turns into a nightmare when they find out they are the targets of an Albanian blood feud.

Me: Give us some insight into your main character. What makes him special?
Julie: Loving Sarah started with the character of Jesse Colter, the main hero. The name came to me and I spent months thinking about him. What would someone named Jesse Colter look like? Sound like? Be like? I knew he was going to be sexy, but before I ever wrote a single word about him, I discovered BDSM and knew instinctively that he was a Dom.

Me: Is there a message in your novel you hope to convey to your readers?
Julie: That love is only possible when there is honesty, trust, and respect between all the members of the relationship. And when all those things are present, the depth of the connection that results is one of the most powerful forces on earth.

Me: I love a good conflict. What draws your main characters to each other and keeps them apart?
Julie: Jesse left Sarah the day of her eighteenth birthday, after rescuing her from a would-be rapist. He stayed away for eight years, thinking she was better off without him, thinking she would forget him, thinking she deserved so much better than he. But he realizes that he no longer wants to live without her and goes back for her. He introduces her to the D/s lifestyle and she realizes she is deeply, naturally submissive, but only for the right man. Or, in this case, men, because Jesse has introduced his best SEAL buddy Adam into the picture and Sarah finds herself falling for him, too.

Me: How did you come up with the title?
Julie: I don’t recall having to think about it at all. It was just there.

Me: What’s your favorite sub-genre (contemporary, sci-fi, etc.) to write? To read?
Julie: Contemporary, BDSM, both menage and traditional MF. I’m toying with an idea for a future MM book.

Me: I usually get plot ideas in the shower and while driving. When/where does inspiration strike you?
Julie: Usually just as I’m about to fall asleep. Or when I’m reading. I see a word and that takes me off on a whole different tangent and I just have to write it down and keep it for a future book. I once came up with an entire medieval novel just by seeing a minor character wearing a blue gown in the movie Becket or Lion in Winter. Can’t remember the movie, but I’ve never forgotten that blue gown.

Me: What new stories are you working on?
Julie: I’ve just started working on the first of three books about some of the former SEALs who now work for Adam Sinclair’s security company. I’m around ¼ through the first one. I’m planning to release them one right after the other after the first of next year.

Author Bio:
Julie has always loved stories, both reading and writing them, ever since she was old enough to hold a book in her hands. One of her favorite childhood activities was smuggling books under the covers to read by flashlight after she was supposed to be asleep.
A career as a children’s librarian eventually led to her dream career as a freelance storyteller and puppeteer, a business she operated successfully for twenty-five years. During that time she created and wrote all the original material for a monthly language arts newsletter full of poems, songs, puppet and flannel-board stories, fingerplays, and other resource material for early childhood educators. For that endeavor she won the prestigious EDPRESS Award for the best educational newsletter of 1982. She has also written other resource materials for preschool and early elementary teachers.
Julie lives in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Now widowed and retired, she once again has time to devote to her two favorite things—reading and writing—especially her new love, erotic romances.

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