Monday, June 16, 2014

Author Spotlight--Mackenzie Williams

Welcome to Author Spotlights on Mondays! This week my guest is Siren author Mackenzie Williams! Read on to find out more about her and her latest book!

Save Me from The Orchard series:
Megan's first party at The Orchard didn't go well. Her fears caused her to panic and she was told she wasn't ready for the BDSM club. She just couldn't walk away, though. Megan felt that Master Brad was the man she had been looking for. A Master that she could trust and would make her happy.
Master Brad has seen something in Megan that has peaked his interest and decides to give her another chance. The pairing was going well and the Dom was even thinking about giving Megan his apple necklace, a club symbol of ownership.
Things soon get complicated, however, when someone from Megan's past comes back into her life. Her ex, Tate, just won't let her move on. Can she overcome her fears and her past for a future with Master Brad? Can her Dom protect and save her?

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Me: What inspired you to write your first book?
Mackenzie: I love to read. I started having my own stories running through my head and my husband convinced me to try writing.

Me: This book is the second in a new series. Do you prefer to write single title or series? Why?
Mackenzie: I generally prefer series because it gives the reader more chances to get to know the characters and their world.

Me: Give us some insight into your main character. What makes him/her special?
Mackenzie: Megan is the sub we are following in this story. She is a woman that has a hard time feeling content or satisfied. She is always wandering through life. Megan hopes that the club can help her find what will make her happy.

Me: I usually get plot ideas in the shower and while driving. When/where does inspiration strike you?
Mackenzie: I also get ideas in the shower. It is easy for my mind to walk through scenes there. I also seem to get ideas right when I first wake up. Maybe it is the leftovers from my dreams.

Me: What new stories are you working on?
Mackenzie: I am currently working on the third Orchard book.

Author bio:
I am a small town girl from Iowa. I grew up in a large family with four younger brothers. After high school, I went to college and studied Education. I found my future husband there and we were married soon after graduation.
I started writing in the Erotic Romance genre because these are the types of stories I like to read myself. They are exciting and emotional. When I'm not writing I like to turn my brain off and listen to music or watch movies.


Thanks for stopping by! Now, go check out Mackenzie's books!

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