Friday, June 25, 2010

Molly the Motivator

Today I got a kick in the backside to hurry up and get published. While shopping for shoes to wear to an outdoor wedding tomorrow, I met a romance fan. How do I know she's a fan of romance, you ask. Well, I sort of got distracted by a few little black dresses--a perfect match for the black evening sandals I got for the Golden Heart/RITA Awards at the RWA National Conference next month. Yes, I bought the shoes first. What can I say? I love shoes.

As the salesperson is ringing up my purchases (one pair of shoes and one little black dress), she asks if I'm buying them for a special occasion. I tell her about the wedding and the writers' conference.

"What do you write?" she asks.

"Romance," I say.

"Really? Romance is my guilty pleasure!"

"You have nothing to feel guilty about." I grin. Why do women think of romance as a secret indulgence?

She goes on to ask for titles of my books. When I answer I'm working on getting published, she gives the kind of encouraging response every writer wants to hear. "Oh, I'm sure you'll get published." Then she asks if I have a website. (A savvy reader, how cool is that?) I tell her about my blog and that I'm on facebook and twitter. She says she loves blogging. Can she have my blog address?

So, this blog is dedicated to Molly. Thanks for the motivation boost. Follow me and I'll make sure you're one of the first to know when I get published. : )

Mellanie Szereto
Romance...With a Kick!


  1. Very cool! I'll see you at nationals!

  2. How cool you found someone interested in your career. Let's hope it won't be long until she will be holding one of your stories.

    I have a few T-shirts that have writing statements on them. I am amazed when in the grocery story that people actually read them and make comments. My favorite is when I was coming home from Nashville and in an airport in Minneapolis. An employee of the airport came up to me and invited me to meet him in the bar because he had a lot of stories I could use. (WARNING: What you say may end up in my next novel, is what was on the shirt.) I ran for the door to the airplane a little bit intimidated. :)

  3. Fingers crossed, Paisley!

    LOL about the airport story! Have to wonder if it was a pick-up line :D

  4. What a great story!! :) Looking forward to rooming with you at National!!

  5. Awww, this is a great story. Thanks for stopping by my blog again. I hope to meet you at Nationals!