Friday, August 10, 2012


What a crazy-busy summer this has been! Five days a week of driving my son to tutoring, moving my daughter from one apartment to another, a week of vacation in Ohio, a family reunion, starting another home improvement project, the RWA National Conference, IGO entries to judge, gardening,...and WRITING!

I submitted my latest super scorching Sextet story, The Sextet Presents...Bound by Voodoo: Legends, to Siren last night. Cheryl Brooks has also submitted a story for our Legends theme--A Tale of Two Knights. It's a hot one! Maybe now I can actually find time to finish up the Bewitching Desires sequel :)

Off to the writing cave!

Mellanie Szereto
Romance...With A Kick!


  1. Nice! :o) I can't wait to read the Voodoo story! :D I'm hoping to get more writing done when the boys are back in school. The house will be quiet then! LOL

  2. Quiet??? What's that, Tatum? I don't remember... :D

  3. LOL...I know. I think it's when you can hear those crickets chirping in the background or is that awkward silence? It's been so long! LOL :o)