Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Writing Tip Wednesday is back! Finish the Book!

Welcome back to Writing Tip Wednesday! I’ll be focusing on Career topics in this next group of posts and look forward to your visits each week! Feel free to share the link with others!!!

Writing is only one part of being an author.

Depending on the publishing path(s) you choose, the other demands on your time will vary—besides family, day jobs, etc.. We all have to self-promote and communicate with readers through social media. Edits are a vital component of preparing a manuscript for publication. Conferences, conventions, and booksignings can also be a part of a writing career. Keeping track of income and expenses is a must, whether you prepare your own tax returns or hire a tax specialist. A website requires maintenance and blogging takes time away from writing. What about building a brand?

While all of these topics are important (and I’ll be blogging about them and numerous others over the next several months), the number one priority of every writer should be to finish the (next) book. Without a complete manuscript, your chances of getting published are zero. Without the next book, your readers will find something else to read.

However, don’t sacrifice your story to get it out to readers more quickly. Quality trumps quantity every time. Write a good story—and then write another one. We all write at different speeds and have different methods, so try not to compare yourself to others. Do what works for you and avoid measuring your success based on someone else’s ruler.

Some suggestions for getting that book done:
1) Set daily writing goals.
2) Participate in #1K1h sprints with other writers.
3) Discover your best time of day to write and set aside a portion of it for writing.
4) Take a writer’s retreat.
5) Brainstorm with other writers or friends.
6) Designate a reward for each chapter you finish or a larger one for finishing the book.

What motivates you to sit in that chair and write?

Mellanie Szereto
Romance...With A Kick!

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