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Author Spotlight + Giveaway--Mya Larose

Welcome to Author Spotlights on Mondays! Mya Larose is visiting this week all the way from Ireland! She's sharing a super hot peek at her latest book, Yasemin's First Chance, from the One More Time series and giving away a necklace and earrings set to one new follower on her blog! Be sure to read the complete instructions at the end of the post to enter!

Yasemin Miller was sexy, stylish and sophisticated. Gerald Thompson was tall, dark and handsome. They have been skirting their attraction for nearly three years until Yasemin received an unexpected phone call that changed the course of her life and would take them to Turkey.
Upon their arrival in Istanbul, Turkey, they met with the incredibly sexy Seth Barnes. Immediately Yasemin and Gerald wanted him and it was long before Seth seduced the couple into a red-hot ménage that pushed their boundaries.
But Seth had a secret admirer that threatened his relationship with Yasemin and Gerald. Could he realize it if he opened his heart and soul to his lovers or would he lose them both, forever?

Adult Excerpt:
He loved her so much. Her eyes shone like diamonds, and angels would fall from heaven for her smile. Her hair flowed down her back like glittering black silk, accenting her already breathtaking figure. Grabbing his big cock, he gave it a hard squeeze as discreetly as possible. He’d lost count of how many wet dreams he had. Every night, he would dream. It always started with a low moan that would escape from her lips as she sucked on his tongue, sliding up and down as if she was sucking his cock. His lips would soon find the soft slope of her neck where he licked and sucked gently as she wrapped her arms around his back and caressed his ear with her soft, urgent moans.

Her chest would heave, her skin hot and flushed. Slowly, he would ease her body onto his bed, stroking her cheek and whispering sweet words. He would run his hand down over her smooth stomach and rest it just above her sweet pussy. With two fingers, he gently traced the outline of her pussy lips, starting from the crack of her hot little ass to the point where her clit swelled up. Her moans were like a sweet symphony to his ears.

With both his hands, he would part her swollen pussy lips and exposed her pink clit. He brought his mouth over her pussy and blew hot air over her swollen clit, causing her entire body to squirm with anticipation. He wanted to torment her and drive her to the edge of passion. He would run his fingernails gently up the side of her fleshy thighs while he drew her swollen pussy lips into his mouth, sucking on them and lapping the wetness off of them. God! In his dreams she tasted like the most expensive liquor he’d ever drunk.

He would declare his undying love to her, and gently his hard cock would slide easily in and out of her magnificent cunt. She would feel so good, so snug and warm. A perfect velvet glove for his hard cock.

Every morning, he would wake up in his own bed, feeling exhausted. “No…” He would groan, squeezing his eyes shut. How could a dream encounter with that sexy thing leave him feeling so drained?

The day he had learned from his friend Peter that Yasemin planned to travel to turkey all by herself was when he put his foot down. No way in hell would he let her slip through his fingers for this length of time. Therefore, he had insisted on travelling with her. Well, it was more like begging. His woman wasn’t going to wander around Istanbul and with God only knew who. She was his, dammit!

All through the flight, he had behaved like a big bother would, with friendly banter and jokes. But deep down, he wondered who she was about to meet, what this man looked like, and why she would stay with a complete stranger and not in a hotel.

Shock was an understatement. He couldn’t describe with words what he felt when he first laid eyes on Seth. He took a really good look at him. He was a very good-looking guy over six feet tall with shaggy blond hair. He knew his feelings were mutual.

There and then, he had wanted to drop on his knees and suck on his cock. Seth would explode inside his mouth, he would feel the first wave of cum hit the back of his throat, and it would be so hot. He would keep pumping more cum in his mouth. Just the thought of it made him literally drool. He had to wipe his mouth with the back of his hand.

In his dream, Gerald would feel his growing cock on the crack of his ass, and he would rub it all over his ass cheeks. He would feel Seth’s cock at the entrance of his ass. He would start fucking him nice and slow, and feel every inch of his cock inside of him as he pulled out and pushed it back in.

An intense feeling shot through his body. Hmm! He was such a man whore! With a grunt, he grabbed his cock harder. He was beyond hard. Between dreaming of Yasemin and Seth, he could break brick with his cock. It went to the borderline of painful.

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Author Bio:
Mya Larose was born in Turkey in the eighties, educated in France, studied in Cambridge University. She is a thirty-three year old youngish woman living in Northern Ireland, now, with her wonderful Northern Irish husband as well as her children and a wee granddaughter.
Mya was attracted to books since she could remember. As she grew “older” her love for books followed. She always wanted to write but had this fear of refusal. Putting her phobia aside, she pulled her big girls knickers on and started to write six months ago.
It wasn’t long before she decided to try her hand at getting it published. She couldn’t describe what she felt when she learned that her first book was going to be published. Since then, she’s been working on more manuscripts.

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Visit Mya's blog and become a member for a chance to win this set of faux pearl necklace and earrings from Simon Nicholas. Closing date/time is September 22 at UK time, 23:59.

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