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Author Spotlight + Giveaway--Elle Boon

Welcome to Author Spotlights on Mondays! Elle Boon is back with her latest release, Kira's Warriors, book 4 in her Ravens of War series. Read on for a super hot excerpt, and be sure to comment for a chance to win an e-book copy!

Kira lived the life of a pampered princess of a wealthy Japanese man who mourned the loss of his son, and missing wife. She’d been given everything a girl could want, but nobody was allowed close enough to love or hurt her. All that changed when her life was threatened and he hired the Ravens as her security.
Thane and Garrick never expected to find their Fated, let alone that she’d be touched by a god. The legend of the Kitsune was steeped in mystery, but they’d need all the help they could get to save their Fated from the god who possessed her brother. They’d need to travel into the deepest levels of hell, and fight the Shinigami to save her and her brother.
Kira realizes Thane and Garrick would give up their own lives to give her the family she’d never had. She would fight to hold onto the best things she could ever ask for, her warriors.

Adult Excerpt:
Thane stood, Kira’s juices coating his lips and chin.

Garrick watched her pull Thane to her, trailing her tongue against the seam of his lips. “Goddess, I love how firm your mouth is,” Kira said.

“I love how you taste.” Thane licked his lips. “Do you like how you taste, kitten?”

Turning her face to him, Garrick saw the blush she couldn’t hide. Her eyes were cloudy with desire. He smoothed his hand down her flat stomach, loving how wet and silky she got, tight like a fist around them. He swore nothing had ever felt better. Nothing ever would.

The bed dipped behind them, but he couldn’t take his eyes off Kira. He sucked in a swift breath, trying to remember where he wanted to be was inside his Fated’s body. She mesmerized him with her beauty.

“Kira, climb up here,” Thane said.

Garrick helped her maneuver around to face Thane. His best friend held his arms out while Kira crawled up the big bed like the kitten they called her. He groaned at the sight of her perfect ass as she moved on all fours toward Thane, her pussy playing a game of peek-a-boo with him. Her cream from the orgasm still coated her thighs.

He waited until she was positioned over Thane and watched her slide down, taking him inside, before he moved behind her. Garrick could be patient.

“I need you, too, G. I want you both, hard and fast. I need to feel you inside me when I come, and I want to do that around you, surrounded by my warriors.” Kira groaned, moving up and down on Thane.

Garrick slipped his fingers between Thane and her, testing how wet she was, seeing how ready she truly was. Her slickness coated his fingers. Their girl was perfect.

Thane pulled Kira down, taking control of her movements while Garrick ran his hands over her backside. He carefully prepared her for him, inserting one finger at a time in her rear channel. He made sure to add lube before adding a second finger. She gasped and thrust back against him as if she wanted more.

“Easy, Kira. You need to let me make sure you’re ready.” Garrick grit his teeth at the feelings Thane was sharing.

She pushed back again, her hips swiveling. “I’m more than ready.”

The noises she made were reassuring.

He had three fingers deep inside, scissoring them while Thane held Kira in place. Garrick used his powers to add more lubricant, and then pulled his fingers back.

A generous coating was applied to his dick as he placed the head against the puckered opening. “Hold her open for me, Thane,” Garrick said between clenched teeth.

The first inch slipped in, and she tightened around his cock. Both he and Thane fought for control, not wanting to injure her.

When he was seated fully inside, he held completely still, his breath sawing out like he’d run ten miles. The spiral path opened up, allowing them into Kira’s thoughts. It was like coming home to Garrick. He sucked in air, trying to remember when he’d ever felt so extremely satisfied.

She giggled.

“What are you laughing at, woman?” Thane asked.

“Are you hearing his thoughts? He’s satisfied and he isn’t even moving.”

Straddling Thane’s legs, Garrick swatted Kira’s ass, a light tap meant to tease, not hurt, causing her rounded flesh to quiver and her ass to tighten even further. “I think our Fated liked that, Thane.”

Garrick pulled back, his hands gripping her slim hips, and set up a slow rhythm. He and Thane worked in counterpoint. One of them had their dick buried deep inside her heat at a time, while the other pulled back.

Sweat covered him, even with his ability to regulate his body temperature. A light sheen coated her body.

“I’m not gonna last much longer, G.”

Garrick wrapped one arm around Kira’s chest, pulling her shoulders back into him, granting Thane access to her clit. “Play with her clit, Thane. Make her come.” Without another word, his friend reached between Kira’s thighs. Her clit was so hard and swollen, it wouldn’t take but a few strokes to get her off. Hell, he was so ready it wouldn’t take him but a few strokes, but first, they wanted to make Kira come.

Her hips bucked, and she threw her head back. “Oh, oh, y—yes,” Kira hissed.

A heartbeat later, her orgasm struck, clamping down on them like a wild convulsion. Their strokes increased in speed, becoming rough and uncontrolled. He flicked Thane a look, naked need written on his face, and with a nod, they both let go.
Garrick groaned. The knowledge Thane was as lost to sensation as he was pushed him even closer to the edge. Kira’s moans joined theirs, sending delight through him knowing she was already climbing the peak again. With every stroke into her ass or pussy, she whimpered.

The air was thick with their combined scents. The smell of Kira’s arousal permeated the room. Every breath he took, he smelled Kira, building pressure in his balls, filling him with the need to come.

“Ah, fuck, I’m gonna come.” Garrick groaned.

A bead of sweat trickled down Thane’s temple. “Me, too, kitten. Come for us one more time. Squeeze our cocks.” Thane started hammering in and out of her pussy.

Whether it was the raw words or the wild movements of the man beneath her that pushed Kira over, Garrick couldn’t care less. The moment she started to come, her greedy little pussy and ass began pulsing around Thane and him, and they, too, fell over the edge. He roared out his pleasure, while Thane swore in several languages. Garrick’s balls drew up, full of semen, his seed spurting from his dick like it never wanted to quit. In perfect sync, Thane released, his voice equally hoarse by the time he was spent.

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Mellanie: What inspired you to write your first book?
Elle: I had been a beta and crit partner for a few NYT and USA Best Selling Authors for several years. They’d encouraged me to submit my first book after reading it. After several revisions and a couple “sobbbb” rejections, I was accepted by Siren.

Mellanie: Do you see writing as a career?
Elle: Absolutely! I’ve always kept a journal, and now I get to do what I love, and share the stories in my head with everyone. Even if I didn’t make a penny, I’d still write.

Mellanie: This book is the fourth in a series. Do you prefer to write single title or series? Why?
Elle: I prefer to write in a series, just as I prefer to read books in a series. When I fall in love with characters and worlds, I hope that the author continues to build on them. My hope is that readers will want the same from me.

Mellanie: Give us some insight into your main character. What makes him/her special?
Elle: Kira is a Japanese American who showed up in Jaklyn’s Saviors. She saved Jaklyn’s mother from a demon possession. In her book we meet her again because she’s being stalked by an unknown person. Kira is more than just an average human, she’s Kitsune.

Mellanie: Is there a message in your novel you hope to convey to your readers?
Elle: My books are all paranormal, with a twist on the Greek mythology. I take factional places and events, whether it be folklore, myth, or real life happenings and twist them into my world. The only message I truly convey is that good will always triumph and there will ALWAYS be an HEA. No serials from this lady ☺

Mellanie: I love a good conflict. What draws your main characters to each other and keeps them apart?
Elle: The guys are all drawn to their woman and know she is meant to be theirs, only they have to convince her they are good enough. The conflict in each story varies, but in the first two books the main bad guy was Cronus. What keeps them apart is usually danger where the ladies are in an extreme situation. I don’t write my heroines as wimps or crybabies though, or the “too stupid to live” either. LOL

Mellanie: How did you come up with the title?
Elle: For all my Ravens I wanted something that would be cohesive and decided to use the women’s names and the second part to describe the men.

Mellanie: What’s your favorite sub-genre (contemporary, sci-fi, etc.) to write? To read?
Elle: Hmmm, that’s a hard one. I love paranormal, shifters, vampires etc. When reading those are the ones I pick up first. My second go to would be ménage with suspense of some sort. I love Sophie Oaks' Bliss Colorado series <3 Mellanie: I usually get plot ideas in the shower and while driving. When/where does inspiration strike you?
Elle: I can get ideas pretty much anywhere, and tend to get them right when I get in bed lol, or in the middle of another book.

Mellanie: What new stories are you working on?
Elle: I am ¾ of the way finished with book 2 in my Mystic Wolves series, tentatively titled His Perfect Wolf. This is Niall’s story which is the follow up to Zayn Malik’s book Accidentally Wolf. I’m also self-publishing a paranormal book titled Smoke Jumper in March. This will be my first foray into self-pubbing, and it’s only a novella, but I’m really excited.

I’m a wife and mother who is a retired stay at home mom of 2. I say retired because my youngest is 14 and my oldest is 21 eeek. When my baby went to school, reading saved my sanity, and then the same year he started school, I was diagnosed with Cancer, again reading saved my sanity. When I recovered and realized how quickly life could change, I made a bucket list. The number one thing was to live. Check. On top of that list was to become a published author. Check. Eight years later I have accomplished that goal and several others.
I live in the Midwest, but I”m a southern girl with only a slight twang who says y’all quite frequently, and am known to say “Bless Your Heart” A LOT. If you know what that means, you do not want to be the one I say that to, lol. I cuss worse than if a trucker and a sailor were put together, but I do it with class *WEG*.

I write what I love to read, erotic romance. My books are definitely full of lots of story, but I leave nothing to the imagination in or out of the bedroom. My hope is that after readers have read one of my stories, they fall in love with the characters as much as I have.

The best part of my new journey is that I get to create new worlds, and have all kinds of stories in my head just waiting to be written. I truly love to hear from readers. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter or my website, but I’m on Facebook all the time, so find me. I’d love to you from you ☺.

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Thanks so much for visiting today, Elle, and thank you to those who stopped by! Be sure to comment by midnight (EST) on Wednesday, January 4, for a chance to win an e-book copy of Kira's Warriors!

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