Friday, January 21, 2011

Staying Ahead of the Game

As of today, Volumes 1 & 2 of The Sextet Anthologies are off to our editor at Siren--ahead of deadline!!! I need to edit and polish the story for Volume 3, and Volume 4's story is ready to go! I also critiqued a short story and have worked on editing The Morphing Subplot today. My word count is now almost 91K for the story that still makes me cry. Don't feel bad. It's a good thing :)

Back to writing!

Mellanie Szereto
Romance...With a Kick!


  1. Congratulations on your CALL, Mellanie!!! :-)

    I got "The Call" myself, for my foodie erotic, under my pen name. I'm not so much advertising it on Romancing the Palate because of my audience there. But my release will come out in the late spring, with Breathless Press. I'm psyched about it!!

    Can't wait to read the novella.

  2. Thanks, Rebecca! And congrats on YOUR Call!!! Our first release date is May 20. We'll have new releases in June, July, August, two in September, October, and November of this year. Sooo excited!!!